Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joseph's Corner: Fourth Day

We are so close, I can feel it. We're actually so close we are staying in the Garel's house IN Belize city tonight. We ended at the 13th mile marker of the highway, so tomorrow will not only be the last day of our great adventure, it will be one of the shortest (thankfully)! Our 18 mile journey today took place under a scorching sun. Thankfully there was a good breeze that kept us cool. And alive. Everyone in the group were total troopers today though, and finished strong. Which is a good sign for what's to come for tomorrow! Already we know several people are going to come out, and there will doubtless be more than planned, just like the rest of this week.
Walking today might have been one of the hottest so far, but all that sun helped to show off the amazing scenery. As we transition from the mountainous and hilly region to the coastal area of the country, the scenery changed to what Paul described as "shrub.". Which sounds a lot less amazing than it was. The entire day, I could see for miles in every direction lush, green palm trees, pines, and other tropical plants. In the distance the mountains could be seen with clouds clinging on to their summits. It reminded me of our first day's beginning, when dawn broke over the mountains above us, illuminating the clouds and mist around us. It was a spectacle then, and today I was reminded of this country's natural beauty; it matches the people's character.
I can't wait to finally complete this tomorrow, it will be a great feeling when we reach the BCVI headquarters! Until then, gracias y hasta luego!

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