Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Row's Procedure

Listening to a series of Redwall - Mattimeo, Rowan relaxes after a much-anticipated but long day ... 

Many of you may not have heard about Rowan's emergency surgery earlier in 2012. Due to extremely high pressure in his eye and immense pain, unlike anything he had ever felt, Ro had to have his eye removed and replaced with a temporary disk.

His mother, Milagro who accompanied him to Richomond Virgina, to visit the doctor, describes the procedure: 

The prosthesis usually takes a couple days or so to make. However, Dr De Lange made it in one day for Row. But it took a lot of poking and trying to mold it to perfection. Its custom made to fit and hardly any maintenance. Row deserved only the best and this ocularist has top recognition in this field.

As for Rowan, he could not be happier, "It feels so normal that I can hardly feel it in there!"

We can't wait to see Rowan and start our journey as we Walk Across Belize in less than a month! This adventure will help raise money to provide support for all children in Belize who are blind. Be a part of this wonderful event by making your contribution today! 

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